Who we are

Globally competent multidisciplinary engineering experts

Established in October of 2010, the automotive engineering department is devoted to train and inspire engineers capable of taking on the challenging multidisciplinary field of automotive engineering and exceeding the expectations of automotive industry professionals. We focus on cultivating innovative and globally competent industry leaders that are proficient in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science, key components in building environmentally- and user-friendly cars of tomorrow. The department faculty have expertise in all areas of automotive engineering with plenty of industry experience. They are committed to making this the best multidisciplinary education program in the country.

What we do

Our core philosophy

The department aims to foster globally competent, industry-leading professionals by providing a comprehensive and industry-driven multidisciplinary engineering education. The education framework would enable students to be uniquely qualified in all stages of engineering development such as planning, designing, building, coding, and testing. All incoming freshmen and continuing students receive full tuition waiver if he/she meets minimum requirements. Furthermore, all graduating seniors are guaranteed a position with one of our industry partners or are eligible for tuition assistance when pursuing advance degrees.

What we learn!

Students develop a profound understanding of math, basic sciences, mechanical and electrical engineering (essential to automotive research and development), with which they are encourage to proactively seek multidisciplinary solutions. They also cover CAD, CAE, controls, digital logic, operating systems, and embedded systems required for developing core technologies behind future green and smart cars. Furthermore they take courses on self driven robots, software, communications, microprocessors, and automobile sensors to foster creative problem solving skills. Courses pertaining to their major have both lecture and lab components.

What we become

Career after graduation

Various career paths are available to our graduates including, but not limited to, domestic industry firms, domestic and international graduate school, startups, senior administrators. Our students can quickly rise through the ranks to become CEOs of global or startup firms, lead researcher, professors, senior government officials, and many other important positions. Students are also free to explore job opportunities with more than ten firms in the automotive, electrical, IT sector that have hiring agreements with the department.