Seungjae Min


CAE-based desing optimization
Multi-physics system design and analysis

CAD, CAE, Vehicle structure

Jahng Hyon Park


Robot engineering, Intelligent control

Automatic control, Dynamics, Robotics

Jihyung Yoo

Associate Professor

Thermal management, Energy conversion, Optical sensing

Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Vehicle thermal management, Intro to optical sensing

Sang Won Yoon

Associate Professor

Power electronic, Sensors and sensor systems

Power electronic engineering, Signals and systems, Vehicle sensors, sensors and diagnostic systems, Special topics in power electronics

Young-Doo Yoon

Associate Professor

Power electronics, Electric motor control, Power converters

Electric circuits, Linear algebra, Control of electric machine drive systems

Tae Hee Lee


Design optimization

Solid mechanics, System design, Design engineering

Myung-Seop Lim

Assistant Professor

Electric machine design, Multi-physics analysis

Electromagnetics, Energy conversion engineering, Electric motor applications

Kunsoo Huh


Smart cars, Vehicle control

Manufacturing engineering, Vehicle dynamic systems, Vehicle dynamics and controls

Retired Faculty

Myoungho Sunwoo

Distinguished Professor

Electronic control systems for smart cars and green cars

Digital logic design, Microprocessor applications, Embedded system, Advanced adaptive control & applications

Professor of Practice

Byung Chul Kim


Functional safety